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My name is Selina (aka Nini) and I am a food enthusiast. There is nothing that brings me more joy than having a plate of food presented before me. As much as I enjoy eating food, I also love creating it. Having the majority of books that I own being cookbooks, I am taking advantage of creating those recipes, and ones that I find online, and my own to fill my interest and hunger. I do also enjoy a good tune here and there; I cannot cook/bake in silence. So not only will you get a recipe here but maybe a piece of nostalgia as well.


Enjoy xooxo


P.S Feel free to share some recipes that deserve a taste and songs that you love to bake/cook to. A good bake deserves a great shake.


All photographs that are presented on NINI CR•EAT•ES are taken and © by NINI CR•EAT•ES.

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